Introduction to Adobe Flash Professional CS5


Adobe Flash Professional CS5 is one of the most popular interactive multimedia development tools on the market, providing design professionals with the ability to create engaging experiences, ranging from instructional media and games to entire web sites. Flash Professional CS5 includes an updated interface that is consistent with the user-interface (UI) design of other Adobe Creative Suite products such as Adobe Photoshop. This course demonstrates how to get started in Flash Professional CS5, providing a comprehensive introduction to the updated Flash environment. It introduces the learner to methods of creating graphics, explains how to plan Flash projects, and demonstrates how to use the core interface areas such as the stage, timeline, and layers.
Target Audience

This course targets a range of in-training or established IT professionals needing to learn how to use Flash without any prior experience with the product. Learners are expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with web terminology and Internet navigation, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment.

Prerequisites: None

Expected Duration (hours): 1.5

Lesson Objectives

  • Introduction to Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • recognize how to create a new Flash project
  • recognize the functions of the key elements of the Flash CS5 interface
  • recognize how to work with panels in Flash CS5
  • recognize how to work with different workspaces in Flash CS5
  • customize the workspace in Flash CS5
  • recognize the steps involved in planning a Flash project
  • distinguish between bitmap and vector graphics
  • recognize when to use the Object or Merge Drawing modes in Flash CS5
  • choose the appropriate tool from the Tools panel in Flash CS5
  • work with the Timeline and layers in Flash CS5
  • recognize how to work with layers in Flash CS5
  • use the Timeline and manipulate layers in Flash CS5