Forms and Document Security in Adobe Acrobat 8


You can create and review many types of PDFs using Adobe Acrobat 8, but this application also enables you to safeguard your documents using any number of Acrobat’s security features. This course explores the advantages of PDF security, and highlights several security measures you can employ, such as using digital IDs, security policies, password and encryption protection, and security envelopes. The course also introduces PDF forms, and sending form data.

Target Audience

The audience will comprise primarily business users within the corporate client base, including a wide range of office productivity users, web authors, and anybody tasked with creating or preparing documents for web publication.



Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Forms and Document Security in Adobe Acrobat 8

  • create a form and set form preferences using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  • create a form using a template and fill the form in
  • create a form
  • fill in and submit a form
  • recognize the features of a security policy and secure a PDF document
  • identify the features of Digital IDs and create a self-signed Digital ID
  • secure a PDF document with a password
  • add a digital signature to a PDF document