Editing and Reviewing in Adobe Acrobat 8


Using Adobe Acrobat 8, you can perform comprehensive reviews of PDF documents. This application allows you to review and add your comments to a document using a wide variety of commenting and markup features, including notes, stamps, and text insertion tools. This course highlights the main concepts of participating in a review using Adobe Acrobat 8.

Target Audience

The audience will comprise primarily business users within the corporate client base, including a wide range of office productivity users, web authors, and anybody tasked with creating or preparing documents for web publication.



Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Editing and Reviewing in Adobe Acrobat 8

  • add a comment in Acrobat 8
  • mark up a PDF document
  • participate in an Adobe Acrobat 8 e-mail review
  • initiate an Adobe Acrobat 8 e-mail review
  • use Review Tracker
  • review a PDF and submit for review