Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver 8


To recognize how to add interactivity to web pages using Dreamweaver 8

Target Audience

The audience will be web professionals; end users and home users wishing to create effective Internet or intranet sites quickly and easily; Macromedia Flash 8 developers using Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to create web pages; individuals wishing to obtain the Dreamweaver 8 Developer certification


As prerequisites for this path, learners should have basic computing and word-processing skills; familiarity with web terminology and Internet navigation; experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment; and familiarity with HTML, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS syntax, and manual coding

Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver 8

  • recognize how to create a form in Dreamweaver 8.
  • recognize how to add objects to a form.
  • recognize how to process form data.
  • build a form in Dreamweaver 8.
  • recognize how to create and edit behaviors.
  • recognize how to add rollovers.
  • add behaviors to a page in a given scenario.
  • recognize how to add a jump menu to your page.
  • recognize how to use layers.
  • create and hide layers in a given scenario.