Creating and Working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8


Adobe Acrobat 8 enables you to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files – files that retain a standard appearance across various operating system platforms and browsers. This course explores the creation of PDFs, including creating them from multiple files and web pages. In addition, the course discusses methods of saving, printing, formatting, and organizing PDFs. Accessibility and help features of Adobe Acrobat 8 are also covered.

Target Audience

The audience will comprise primarily business users within the corporate client base, including a wide range of office productivity users, web authors, and anybody tasked with creating or preparing documents for web publication.

Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Creating and Working with PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8

  • identify the features of Adobe Acrobat 8
  • identify the options for creating a PDF and create a PDF document
  • create a PDF from multiple source files
  • create a PDF from a web page
  • create a PDF using Distiller
  • create PDFs using multiple methods
  • recognize the options to export a PDF and save a PDF document in a given format
  • print a PDF document
  • format a PDF
  • use the Organizer
  • format and print a PDF document
  • use Adobe Acrobat 8 Help
  • create an accessible PDF
  • use Acrobat 8’s Help system in a given scenario