Basic Concepts of FreeHand 10


To discuss the basic concepts of FreeHand 10

Target Audience

Home users, end users


Familiarity with the Windows operating environment and using the Web

Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Basic Concepts of FreeHand 10

  • describe and navigate the FreeHand 10 workspace.
  • add colors to a document in FreeHand 10.
  • to work with paths in FreeHand 10.
  • work with layers in Freehand 10.
  • create objects and apply color to objects in FreeHand 10.
  • use the pencil, ellipse, and reflect tools in FreeHand 10.
  • use the polygon, blend, and effects tools when developing an object in FreeHand 10.
  • add an emboss effect to an object in FreeHand 10.
  • create basic shapes using vector graphics in Freehand 10.
  • use freeform drawing tools in Freehand 10.
  • edit a path in FreeHand 10.