Advanced Features of Adobe Acrobat 8


You can use the professional features of Adobe Acrobat 8 to perform such tasks as batch processing, and indexing. Adobe Acrobat 8 also allows you to prepare a PDF for commercial printing using its Preflight feature and this course explores the advanced features of Adobe Acrobat 8, including working with multimedia, creating batch sequences, and preparing PDFs for indexing.

Target Audience

The audience will comprise primarily business users within the corporate client base, including a wide range of office productivity users, web authors, and anybody tasked with creating or preparing documents for web publication.



Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Advanced Features of Adobe Acrobat 8

  • create a multimedia presentation in Adobe Acrobat 8
  • use batch processing
  • automate the distilling process
  • create an index for a collection
  • use advanced features of Adobe Acrobat 8
  • identify the features of the Preflight tool and use it to check a document
  • use advanced printing controls
  • edit images in Acrobat 8
  • finalize a PDF document for commercial printing