Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5: Basic Video Editing


You may have shot videos using the direct-to-disc recording feature of Adobe® OnLocation™ or used a digital video camera and then recorded audio clips. You want to transfer files from the digital video camera to your project, modify and enhance them, and finally distribute the project as a digital file for viewing on a computer. In this course, you will use the tools and features of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to edit videos. You can send sequences directly from Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5 to Adobe® Encore® CS5.1 without prior rendering, convert speech to text transcripts, and search for keywords to easily navigate to specific parts in the audio file. After the videos are edited, they can be exported in multitude formats.This course is designed for individuals who are self-employed, such as wedding videographers, amateurs who need professional resources, and other professionals engaged in videography, who will be using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 to edit video, integrate video with other Adobe products, and also export the files in other formats.

Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5: Basic Video Editing