Adobe Captivate 4


Adobe Captivate 4 is a screen-recording and video capturing application used to create demonstrations, personalized tutorials, simulated environments, and other interactive products. It provides enhanced screen-recording capabilities that allow you to demonstrate procedures while recording mouse movements and text entry, or create fully-functional simulated software environments with supporting feedback. This course focuses on the basics of Adobe Captivate 4, including recording demonstrations and creating interactive assessment settings. Topics focus on such areas as basic screen capture, creating assessment projects, and editing project slides.

Target Audience

’s Adobe Captivate 4 course targets a broad range of PC end users including designers and developers with a need for creating software simulation demonstrations and assessment projects.



Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Adobe Captivate 4

  • recognize the main features of Adobe Captivate 4
  • record a demonstration using Adobe Captivate 4
  • identify the key preferences for recording a demonstration
  • record and preview an assessment
  • recognize the preferences for recording an assessment
  • launch a new project in Adobe Captivate 4
  • record and preview a demonstration
  • record and save an assessment using Adobe Captivate 4
  • use text captions in Adobe Captivate 4
  • use the Timeline in Adobe Captivate 4
  • work with slides in Adobe Captivate 4
  • use images in Adobe Captivate 4
  • publish an Adobe Captivate project
  • work with slides in Adobe Captivate 4
  • add text and graphics to a slide
  • publish a project in Adobe Captivate 4