Adobe® Captivate®

Adobe® Captivate® software is the industry-leading elearning authoring software for rapidly creating and maintaining interactive eLearning content. Import your existing Microsoft PowerPoint content and make it more engaging with rich media, application simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes. Easily publish to leading SCORM- and AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems and track key performance metrics.

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  1. Record Demonstration Videos and Simulations
  2. Add Captions, Styles and Use the Timeline
  3. Add Images and Drawing Objects
  4. Work with Pointers, Buttons and Highlight Boxes
  5. Add Rollovers and Zoom Areas
  6. Add, Record and Edit Audio
  7. Add Flash Video, Animation and Effects
  8. Convert Demonstrations Into Simulations
  9. Create Question Slides
  10. Publish Projects as eLearning


  1. Recording a Custom Simulation
  2. Editing a Text Capture Template
  3. Collaborating with MS PowerPoint
  4. Rescaling Projects
  5. Creating Custom Object Styles
  6. Combining Projects
  7. Branching
  8. Aggregating Projects
  9. Working with Question Pools and Random Question Slides
  10. Creating Projects that Are Accessible (Section 508 Compliant)
  11. Creating and Working with Variables
  12. Sending a Project for Shared Review
  13. Add Comments to a Review File
  14. Reviewing and Replying to Comments
  15. Create a Image Mask
  16. Editing a Slide Background
  17. Working with Photoshop Layers
  18. Working With Photoshop Layers
  19. Creating and Applying Master Slides
  20. Creating and Using Project Templates
  21. Uploading Content to an LMS
  22. Working With and Creating Advanced Actions