PhotoShop Training-Online

Adobe® Photoshop®

Adobe® Photoshop® family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images, transforming them into anything you can imagine, and showcasing them in extraordinary ways.

  1. Getting to know the work area, bridge, crop, views
  2. Crop, rotate
  3. Selection Tools-Rectangle-Polygon Lasso
  4. Selection Tools-Magic wand
  5. Selection Tools-Magnetic Lasso-Channels
  6. Selection Tools-Magic Wand, Quick Mask
  7. Layers, Layer Comps, Quick Select Tool, Save Selection
  8. Layers-eraser-duplicate
  9. Layers-link-copy-align
  10. Image-adjustments
  11. Layer-comps
  12. Type-mask
  13. Type-mask-layer-styles
  14. Image Adjustments: Selections, Highlight/Shadows, Color Balance
  15. Photo Filters
  16. Filter Gallery
  17. Type Color
  18. Arranging-interface
  19. Image Adjustments: Quick Select, Select Inverse, Desaturation
  20. Photo Retouching: Clone Stamp Tool, Duotone, Vignette Action
  21. Photo Retouching-old-image
  22. Healing Brush, Quick Mask, Save Selection, Flaws
  23. Healing Brush, Blur effects
  24. Content Aware Tool
  25. HDR Toning
  26. Puppet Warp
  27. Web: Buttons
  28. Web: Slicing
  29. Web: Save for web
  30. PhotoMerge