Adobe® Acrobat®


Adobe® Acrobat® software helps you boost the impact of your PDF files with video, audio, and interactive content. Increase productivity by automating routine tasks and reduce costly errors at press time with enhanced preflight and auto-correction features.

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  • Creating Adobe PDF files with a single click.
  • Saving websites and other clipboard content as PDF files.
  • Re-purposing the content of Adobe PDF files for use in other applications (if permitted by the author).
  • Editing PDF documents.
  • Creating multimedia presentations.
  • Reviewing and commenting on Adobe PDF documents, including the ability to share a document for live review.
  • Creating, distributing, and gathering data from forms.
  • Securing PDF documents.
  • Pre-flighting documents and other print production tasks.
  • Creating PDF Portfolios.
  • Comparing versions of a document.
  • Creating and using actions.
  • Modifying the reflow order of objects on a page to optimize accessibility.
  • +Redacting information and using Bates numbering (for legal professionals) or
  • +Forms Advanced, tons of examples (Great for HR departments and those who use forms extensively)!


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