Hands-on, Instructor-Led

Individual Classes:

Adobe Product Matrix (by Suites: Design, Web, and Video)

Design Web Video
 InDesign®  Dreamweaver®  Adobe Premiere® Pro
 Acrobat®  Flash Professional  After Effects®
 Illustrator®  Flash Builder® Premium  Adobe Audition®
 Photoshop  Flash® Catalyst®  Adobe OnLocation™
 Acrobat/Forms  Contribute®  Encore®
 Bridge  Fireworks®  Media Encoder


Option 1: Weekly Suite Bootcamps
Option 2: All 3 Suites: Totaling 15 days or 3 weeks (by Suites: Design, Web, and Video)
Week 1: Creative
Suite Bootcamp
Week 2: Web
Suite Bootcamp
Week 3: Video
Suite Bootcamp
 Day 1: Illustrator 1  Day 1: DreamWeaver 1  Day 1: Adobe Premiere Pro 1
 Day 2: Photoshop 1  Day 2: DreamWeaver 2  Day 2: Adobe Premiere Pro 2
 Day 3: InDesign 1  Day 3: Flash Professional or Flash Catalyst 1  Day 3: Adobe Premiere Pro 3
 Day 4: Acrobat/Forms  Day 4: Flash Professional or Flash Catalyst 2  Day 4: After Effects
 Day 5: 2nd day of any of the above or Lab Day for your projects.  Day 5: Day 5: FireWorks or Contribute  Day 5: After Effects
 Opt: Bridge  Opt: Word Press Opt: On Location, Media Encoder, Encore, Audition (see eLearning)

Option 3: Instructor Led – Multiple Day Packages

Design: Start any day a Suites Bootcamp is in progress!

Other products in suite, discussed on a lab day as an option, but not full days:

  • Audition®
  • OnLocation™
  • Encore®
  • Device Central
  • Bridge
  • Media Encoder