Adobe® ActionScript® 3.0


Although Flash content is primarily used to create and develop multimedia content that provides a rich look and feel, most modern day website content is devised to promote user interactivity. Flash developers are constantly challenged by the changing needs of customers who prefer web applications that are not only pleasing and interactive, but also dynamic and evolving. These constraints can be easily overcome by using the capabilities of ActionScript 3.0. ActionScript 3.0 provides developers with the flexibility to implement robust programming logic besides enabling a large team of developers to focus on a particular functionality which can then be assembled into a robust application. It also enables you to create components and functionality that can be reused by customizing them to suit different requirements thereby promoting team work and reduces development efforts. In this course, you will not only master the basic concepts of ActionScript 3.0, but also create a robust web application utilizing the capabilities of ActionScript 3.0.

Expected Duration (hours)


Lesson Objectives

Adobe® ActionScript® 3.0