The following comments were NOT paid endorsements, but derived from emails or survey forms after trainings, with client permission……Thank you to all our very special clients!

Hi Sandra,

Yes, I received both files. Thanks again for the class. Have a great weekend.
Dawn Couch, Abbott Laboratories

Hi Sandra,
Wanted to let you know Nancy and I enjoyed the (PageMaker) class.
Linda, Ace Asphalt

Christine was very patient and knowledgeable. She helped set up (FrameMaker) templates that I will use in the future. I’m not quite sure where the basic training ended and the advanced began….I guess it was all incorporated to meet my needs. I will recommend you and your organization for any future training.
Thanks again for your support,
Patti, America West Airlines

Thanks for the great Illustrator class. I did learn a lot. Joyce, American Express

I just wanted to say thank you again for spending the last two days with Beth and I. You are a great trainer and I’m in awe of your knowledge of the programs. It was time well spent and I have told my boss and other management here how wonderful you are. The books are going to be a great help.
Thank you!…Eloise Crabb, Investor Compliance Coordinator, Ardmin Properties

We really enjoyed the class and I know we learned a lot. Rosie is already hammering away at the keyboard working on our forms. I’ll be using InDesign regularly too, soon. It was good to get to know you, and with luck, I’ll be able to convince the powers that be that this is the way to go in the future and we can do it again, or I can direct others to you.Take care, David, Arizona Dept. of Revenue

Jay did a heckava job.
Thanks very much.
Peter Cass, Cass & Associates

The project went VERY well. Again, you guys have been great. I suspect that when folks on campus see the quality, they may also want to use the frame maker route. I would like to continue our relationship and will have another (project) I would like to involve you in this! (Referral) is very interested in talking with you.
Thanks again,
Dr. Laurence Cooper, City of Hope

Beverly was superb. The (Acrobat) training went well and covered exactly what we needed in order to move forward to the next level for our department. (Sandra)Thank you for all your quick work in setting this up.
Kimberly, 1st VP of Operations
Document Systems & Compliance, Countrywide Financial

I can’t tell you how much I got out of my (GoLive) training session I really appreciate all your help and am looking forward to leaning more.
Jan, CPC Print


My brain was spinning with Illustrator all weekend. I kept thinking of how to use the swatches and brushes and everything else for my future projects. Sandra was very nice and took time to answer my questions.
Ronald, EMCOR Group, Inc./Facilities Mgmt.

Sandra: Enclosed is the cool Kachecab lettering we worked on for The view of the glaciers and mountains and volcanoes thru the lettering is really cool. I know they will like it.Thanks for a fun, albeit work-filled, two days! And thanks for the Visual QuickStart Guide too. It will be a great reference.Jo Ann, Web Designer & Phrase Administrator
First Data Government Solutions(..return training…)Good morning Sandra: I hope you are doing well. I must say again that the Photoshop training I received from you last year was wonderful. I am hoping to get more training from you this year.
Jo Ann, Web Designer & Phrase Administrator
First Data Government Solutions

Dear Sandra,
Your customized training on color/graphics was extrememly helpful and time saving. I’m very pleased with how this book turned out. I couldn’t have done it without you!
Thanks, Rachel, Frankfort Park District

Hi Sandra-
I got excellent feedback, they really enjoyed the
course. I will keep you in mind for future Adobe training needs.
Global Learning and Development
General Reinsurance Corp.

The class was great! Learned so many new things and shortcuts. Can’t wait to apply everything. You were a fabulous trainer and I look forward to seeing you again for future training! I may be sending Al to see you soon.
Misty, Hansen Technologies

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for the info!
I’ve attached a copy of the newsletter that I did for your amusement. I’m working on the second one right now. Thought you’d enjoy our approach to a company newsletter.
Thanks again for everything!
Kelly, Hawkeye Pipe

The (InDesign) class was great! Learned so many new things and shortcuts. Can’t wait to apply everything. You were a fabulous trainer and I look forward to seeing you again for future training! I may be sending (a co-worker) to see you soon.

Adobe is great.. I love it and use it to the limits!
C.D., Honeywell

Thanks again for the training. It was really great to meet you and learn about InDesign. I think that all my questions were answered and that I have a good foundation to work off of. The training more than met my expectations and I am thrilled to have found you. The one-on-one training was a perfect way to learn the software. It was great to be able to actually work on my project and get a head start. Thanks again for not only the training but for continuing on with the training after our allotted time was finished.
You may certainly add me to your client list. Thanks for the files and keep in touch.
Michelle, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Hi Sandra,
Class last week was great. I’m looking forward to playing with GoLive!
Communications Coordinator, Kitchell CorporationSandra,
Thanks again for the great classes in InDesign this week. I already love the program-Barbara, Kitchell Corporation

Sandra, Thank you I had a good day also. I really learned a lot and I am anxious to try out some of my new ideas and explore with InDesign. I love to learn and explore, more so now, that I know how InDesign works. Lillian, Kitchell Mexico

Hi Sandra! Thanks for the downloads .. been crazy with work… I will be able to answer your survey this weekend 🙂 Thanks again for everything, (Creative Suites) training was awesome! Regards, Ariel Eversoll
Professional Relations Drector
Kids Dental Place

Thanks Sandra
I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Keep me in mind if any of your clients need a technical communications consultant to setup a publications group etc.
Stan, L-3 Aeromet

I just want to thank you for having us over for the Photoshop training. I
learned a lot and I’ve already started playing around with Photoshop on my
computer at work. Also, thank you so much for the book…I’ve been looking
that over as well!
Take care, Danielle, Health Educator,
Lake County Health Dept. & Community Health Ctr.

Thanks for your help today (with PhotoShop Elements)
Sandee Lembke, Lembke Photography

Sandra, Thank you for your help (with PageMaker)! It was great, and good timing too. We got everything set up with time to spare – now if our printer would only cooperate, everything will be perfect!
Anna, Marlene Imirzian & Associates

I recently completed a one on one PageMaker Class with Sandra Burns at GlobalOrg. I have never used this software so it was “Greek to me”. I am creating a user manual for a software product. Sandra had me bring what I had completed in Word to the class and she used it to teach me the fundamentals of PageMaker. This approach allowed me to learn the application while formatting my document at the same time. In addition, Sandra has been instrumental in answering questions after the class.I would highly recommend GlobalOrg to any persona and/or organization in need of software training. They’re instructors are professional, flexible and well versed in the software products.
Paula, MediServe

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your time today. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned.
Thanks so much,
Barbara, Communications Manager, Metlife

Hi Sandra, Things are going well – we all enjoyed the class. Jane, NAPFA

Sandra, Thank You so much for the training, I will try to put it to use and keep ahead of the game…….
Take Care, Deann, Nickel Litho

Sandra, The training was what I needed. PhotoShop is a complicated program and before the training I worked in it but I was intimidated by it. After the training and knowing what I wanted out of the application, I was able to understand more and work effectively in it. I practiced some of what i learned at home since most of the day at work was training for the last two weeks. GoLive was new to me. I was not sure how to approach the application. Once Lynne asked me who I was marketing to and what it’s purpose was, I was able to learn the application. I am not an expert but I have an idea of what the application can provide. Thanks for all the information and training.
Arnold, OASIS, (Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest, Inc.)

I really enjoyed the training and the days we spent in Glenview. It was a nice break for me. Thank you for being so accommodating while we were there. I wish you the best of luck with your business. If I can send any students your way I certainly will.
Thanks again,
Robbin, Panasonic

I wanted to say thank you again for teaching me the basics of Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign. There is still so much to learn but the training with you gave me plenty to begin the design of our new company brochure….(See PDF letter.) Thank you again for all that you have shown me; I look forward to possibly taking another Adobe class with you in the future. …
Sincerely, Dawn, Marketing Coordinator,
Paragon Structural Design, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that i received the book, and thank you again for offering the FrameMaker class it was well worth the time. I had a real good time. I hope all is well. Thanks Again, Joshua, Performance Accessories

Here is a copy of our flyer done in InDesign and saved to Acrobat PDF

Sandi, Pope Retail Properties

I really enjoyed the (Illustrator) training.

ThanksPhenecia, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Saddleback Communications

Hi Sandra,
I really enjoyed the training, I felt like you covered a great deal of material for us. I most defiantly left with a better understanding of InDesign and left knowing a great deal about the program that I would not have known without your instruction. Thank you for your time. Very nice meeting you also-and I hope we get the chance to use your services again.

Milissa, Schumacher Electric

Thank you so much. I knew you could help me.Super, Tricia Horn
Operations/Administration Manager
SUA Insurance Company

Hi Sandra,
Thanks again for the great PageMaker training.

Take care, Tina, Summit Builders

Hello Sandra,
Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Swift and teach us Premiere. I really do appreciate it. I enjoyed having you here. I’m sure we’ll need more training, and will let you know!
Thank you again for everything,
James, Swift Transportation

..Sandra was great, very informative…..Very precise and helpful…
Angel and Collin, Swift Transportation

The Training was great… I look forward to working with you in the future. Feel free to add Texas Tech to your client list.Dr. Cynthia Akers, Texas Tech University
The feedback (on the FrameMaker class) was great. Overwhelming, it is the track we have to be on, but realize it will be a very determined process. Thank you, and extend my thanks to Christine, she truly maxed our time with her.
Joe Brigulio, Director of Operations, Van Slyck


Hello Sandra,

Just a note to thank you for the great week of Adobe training!

Thank you for the:

  • thorough introduction to Adobe Creative Design Suite
  • one-to-one training personalized at my pace
  • extra Adobe books and lessons to practice the new skills
  • opening new horizons in creative design for me
  • new programs you taught each day:  Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat
  • last day summary and practical lessons

Adobe Design programs can be very complex.  This introduction let me glimpse the potential of these programs while learning and practicing basic tasks.  This week long training gave me a good start in each of the four design suite programs.  Additional discussions regarding color palettes, tints, and hues and the importance of print shop communications were also very essential, practical, and applicable for anyone overseeing, managing, or specializing in marketing materials development.

Overall, this 5-day Adobe Creative Design Suite Bootcamp was a very worthwhile investment of my time and money.

Thank you, Sandra!

Take care, Tina

GlobalOrg clients come from all over the U.S. and out of the country. Turn training into a company event at a resort location with our Meeting Planning services. Contact us for more information.