PhotoShop CS5 Training Videos

Adobe Photoshop CS5 by Sandra Burns

 Selection Tools

01a. Crop and Formats
01b. Crop and Rotate
02. Select with Rectangular, Polylasso
03a. Select with Magic wand
03b. Select with Channels
04a. Select Quickmask
04b. Save selection move tile


05a. Layers, eraser, duplicate
05b. Link and copy layers, align
05c. Image Adjustments
05d. Layer comps
06. Type-mask.swf
07. Type-mask-layer-styles.swf

 Image Adjustments

08a. Shadowhighlight and Photofilter
08b. Photo Filters
08c. Filter Gallery
08d. Type and color
08e. Arranging interface
09. Desat-roses

Photo Retouching

10a. Retouch-old-image
10b. Retouch-color-action
11a. Healingbrush-flaws
11b. Healingbrush-blur

New Features

12. Contentaware-medog
13. HDR-toning-car
14. Puppet-warp
16. Photomerge

Web and Vector Tools

15a. Web-flower
15b. Web-flower-slice
15c. Web-slice-output