Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing

The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing
How to Win Clients and What to Charge Them
By Ilise Benun and Peleg Top
Format: Paperback

You’ll Love This Book If:
You’re a graphic designer, either freelance or in a decision making position at a firm
You need help pricing your work accurately
You want to learn how to market yourself effectively, and measurably
In The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing You’ll Learn:
How to identify your target market and what tools to use to reach them
How to craft your marketing message, along with proven examples
How to set your prices competitively in a way that represents your value
How to talk money with clients
And more!
The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing answers all of the common questions asked by creatives every day. This nuts and bolts guide to running a creative services business teaches you how to create a smart marketing plan–along with small actionable steps to take to reach your financial goals.

From learning which marketing tools are most effective and how to use them to discovering how to establish contact with potential clients, this book is the must-have guide for navigating the murky waters of the design business.