Hot fields for hiring in 2011

INDIANAPOLIS—Occupational experts like Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., say that America is climbing out of recession and job opportunities are better now than they’ve been for a long time. But what does this mean for people hoping to advance their career? What can they do in 2011 to be strong candidates in the future job market?

Shatkin answers these essential questions in his newest book 2011 Career Plan: The Best Moves Now for a Solid Future. In it, he explains that the recovery is a steady upswing, not a hiring boom, and that people will need to be strategic about how and where they pursue employment.

“Jobs are not expected to be plentiful in 2011—or for several years afterward. In fact, we may see a repeat of what happened after the recession of 2001, when 39 months passed before employment rose back to prerecession levels. This recovery is also a patchwork affair, with some industries bouncing back much faster than others. For example, in March 2010, while manufactures were adding jobs, the news and information business was still losing jobs,” says Shatkin.

“That’s why ‘I’ll find something’ is not an adequate career plan for 2011. You need to choose a specific goal and develop a smart strategy to take advantage of the opportunities that 2011 does have to offer.”

One career strategy Shatkin recommends is to focus on fast-growing fields, where job opportunities tend to be more plentiful than in fields where jobs are slow-growing or disappearing. According to Shatkin and information from the U.S. Department of Labor, the following 11 fields are projected to grow fastest through 2018.

1. Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
2. Computer Systems Design and Related Services
3. Social Assistance, Except Child Day Care
4. Software Publishers
5. Scientific Research and Development Services
6. Health Care
7. Employment Services
8. Construction
9. Child Day Care Services
10. Advocacy, Grantmaking and Civic Organizations
11. Educational Services